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Wall coverings in Oklahoma

Explore the vast array of wall coverings that not only enhance visual appeal but also add an elegant, rustic touch to your residential or commercial space, elevating its value and protection.

From budget-friendly options to premium choices, available for both interior and exterior use, these coverings come in various materials and serve diverse purposes. Despite their differences, they share a common goal – safeguarding surfaces, infusing originality, and minimizing maintenance costs.

What kind of wall covering are there?

As mentioned earlier, a variety of materials for coatings allows for a personalized style, imparting a classic, elegant, or modern appearance to structures.

Explore the most popular materials carefully:

Wood: Preferred for its unique warmth and comfort, it is versatile with many types, colors, and textures. Despite its higher price, there are excellent imitations available.

Brick: Creates a visual impact, looking fantastic both in exteriors and interiors, combining rustic and elegant atmospheres.

Gypsum: Popular for easy installation, suitable for remodeling, space division, or expansion, with a smooth finish and customization options.

Vinyl: A beautiful, simple, and economical material that protects surfaces, available in various tones and designs.

Wallpaper: Quickly transforms the look of spaces with classic, modern, avant-garde, or futuristic styles, ideal for dry areas.

Polished microcement: Ideal for rustic environments, applicable to wood, cement, plaster without issues.

Glass: Offers a modern and innovative look, withstands humid environments, and comes in a range of stunning colors. Particularly suitable for futuristic commercial structures.

Marble: Adds a modern, renaissance, and elegant touch, ensuring your structure stands out. While the original material is expensive, quality imitations are also available.

Wall covering Application in Oklahoma

If you're seeking a coatings company for your residential or commercial area, you've found the right place. We, at Dime Contracting, have swiftly become Oklahoma's preferred choice through over a decade of dedicated service, consistently exceeding expectations.

Our goal since inception has been to provide a unique, modern, and visually pleasing style when transforming the facades of homes, offices, or commercial structures. We understand that a high-level work must be aesthetic, functional, and durable to be a worthwhile investment. Rest assured, Dime Contracting utilizes advanced technical equipment and top brands to ensure projects that stand the test of time, appreciated for generations.

To achieve this, we have assembled a professional, friendly, and detail-oriented team, fully licensed and insured. You can trust that our staff meets all requirements to deliver fantastic results.

We handle projects of various sizes, from small to complex, including residential and commercial painting, renovation, remodeling, construction, real estate fabrication, and concrete work. Your satisfaction is our priority at every step of the way.

And many more options in interior and exterior design. 

Our experience allows us to give an accurate diagnosis with the right price. With us you will not find extra costs or others because we know how to manage the cost-quality balance. Contact us for more information and a free estimate.

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