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Stone constructions in Oklahoma

Stone constructions in Oklahoma

Perhaps you wish to build or remodel your residence or commercial structure with results that are exclusive. You also hate the interruptions of annoying noises coming into your space.  On top of that you are thrifty and would like to consume less energy in heating or air conditioning.  You get this and more thanks to the service of stone constructions.

Stone has existed in constructions since ancient times, because until then there was no cement, steel and other materials that we have today. In fact, once the latter appeared, there was a decrease in stone material. However, it still remains because it has special characteristics that no other material has.

For example, durability is a determining factor. Decades can pass and the material material is still firm, unlike other materials. It is also possible to recycle it for other works as if it were new. Impressive...
In addition, it serves as a thermal insulator for both cold and heat. That is to say, in winter it keeps the space warm and in summer it keeps it cool. It's like an intelligent resource, so to speak.
Read on and you will learn more about this great resource that few know in depth.

Why building with stone?

The use of stone for construction allows satisfactory results for the works in which it is applied. However, it is important to know that there are different types suitable for one project or another. That is to say, it is not standard for any work. So we have:

Marble. You can find it in different colors. Its structure is crystalline and has a veined appearance. They are ideal for stairs, floors, kitchens, interior cladding.

Granite. It is a resistant stone of great durability. It also has light colors, specifically pink, red or gray, with grains that you can easily notice. They are suitable for floors, kitchen countertops, foundations...

Sandstone. The availability of colors allows you to use them comfortably on floors, walls, pillars, facades...

Slate. By nature it is dark in color, but it has more than one tone that makes it special for both classic and modern facades. That is to say, for exteriors it is totally recommendable. 

Limestone. Useful for facades. Although less frequently but also in floors. By nature the color is white but according to the impurities that it has it can turn to gray, cream or red.

Quartzite. Durability and resistance to large percentages. Variable color because it all depends on the impurities that brings the stone material. Used for the construction of sculptures, stairs, railroad tracks, roads, floors...

Gneiss. It comes in light and dark colors with granulated texture. It works well in pavements, architectural use.

However, different types of stones are given different finishes that will shape their appearance and final use. For example, marble provides an elegant polished finish that is undoubtedly a pleasure to use as interior flooring. 

Other rustic but that exude modernity and exclusivity is the lajado for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you do not know what type of finish is perfect for exterior flooring, we present the bush-hammered. The main characteristic that certifies its use is its roughness. This gives it an incredible hardness and resistance because it will be in very transited spaces.

Advantages of using stone in construction

What has been said up to this point describes excellent reasons to select rock as a building and remodeling material for interior and exterior spaces. However, we will we will give you some more benefits that will make you choose this wonderful material:

Multiple uses. Since it is totally adaptable for floors, facades, countertops, walls and ornamental elements for residential and commercial spaces. In addition, there is no limit in the place of application. That is to say, it fits perfectly in interiors and exteriors. 

Appearance. As we saw earlier, there is more than one type of stone for construction. Naturally they come in light or dark tones. But some bring other impurities that show it with other colors different from the pure but that embellish the look and final design of it. There are also numerous textures to choose from.

Durability and functionality. Stone is originally resistant, hard and durable over time. This makes it a recyclable material when the structure ceases to function. Thus, in other works, the performance of the rock is equally effective.

Adaptable. Depending on the environment, the application of stone will make any building fit perfectly into the environment in which it is located. Thus, it can provide a classic, slightly colonial atmosphere or a completely modern and functional one.

Exclusivity. The impressive thing about this is that even if it is the same type of stone, it is never repeated. That is to say, each stone is like the id of each "unique" person. So each client will have a 100% different space.

Insulating. Both thermal and acoustic. So you can be calm to read a book or perform any activity that requires concentration without even knowing what is happening outside, no matter how much noise it causes. It also saves energy because in summer it keeps the place cool and in winter it keeps it warm.

We hope that these advantages are a guide for what you are looking for. In that case our company is available to give you many more and clarify any concerns or doubts you may have.

The best stone contractors in Oklahoma.

When you decide to renovate your residential or commercial space, it is vital to know the companies close to your near your location that apply for this work. This way you will be able to compare the trajectory of history, work history and qualifications certified by real customers that add credibility to the company credibility to it and easily bring you closer to what you are looking for.

Dime Contracting is a multi-service contractor covering home and commercial renovations for over 10 years, satisfying the needs of each needs that each client requires to give a full transformation to the spaces.

Our services include:

We have a team of certified, licensed and insured experts so you can feel confident in receiving quality work. On top of that, we send only trained personnel to perform the job without any problems in the shortest time possible, since they pass our expertise tests that we apply constantly. We also verify all of our materials before materials before they are delivered or applied on site. In this way we certify their quality and durability of the same.

On the other hand, we are at the forefront of technology with state-of-the-art technical equipment that helps us to crystallize dreams in record time with a superior level. We also use the best brands in the market in all the products we apply. 

Not to mention our prices. We know perfectly what our clients need. Thus we execute our projects in a precise way. This allows us to give the right balance in the price-quality ratio without additional costs.

When it comes to stones, we have a wide variety of stones of different tones, textures and finishes according to what you are looking for. Beautiful stones directly from the Oklahoma quarries go to your home or commercial structure at a totally affordable.

We offer stone remodeling for:

  • Kitchens
  • Pavers
  • Patios
  • Fireplaces
  • Walls 
  • Facades
  • Buildings
  • Pools
  • Planters
  • Bathroom...

In fact, an endless number of spectacular projects are waiting for you. Contact us and we will give you and we will give you a free estimate with the best offers in the market.

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Contact us and we will give you and we will give you a free estimate with the best offers in the market.

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