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Retaining Walls in Oklahoma

Retaining Walls in Oklahoma

There are roads surrounded by hills or mountains where the probability of earth forces is high. There is uneven terrain due to earth pressure. But there are also problems of soil crumbling that produce serious consequences to adjacent areas. Faced with this problem, the ideal is to build retaining walls.

The main function of these walls is to stop the force exerted by the masses of soil or earth on an inclination or slope that is otherwise impossible to achieve. However, in addition to being functional, they also have an aesthetic character in residential or commercial areas

In other words, they are part of the construction of the home and therefore fit in with its decoration. In fact, you can see walls of different shapes. That is to say, they include from natural rock to wood. Another important point is that many of them have as ornament some types of plants. For example vines. 

Types of retaining walls

There is more than one type of retaining wall that will fit in the area depending on the soil conditions, height, type of fill... Here is a list of them:

Gravity Walls: The function of stopping thrust is through self-weight. They are ideal to create foundations no higher than 5m. Also the common material for the erection of these walls is:

  • Concrete
  • Gabions
  •  Masonry
  • Breakwater
  •  Stone...

Cantilever Walls: they stop the force of the soil through a vertical cantilever over a horizontal slab. They are usually made of cement or concrete and strongly reinforced due to the bending loads they present. Totally applicable in walls shorter than 10m.

Buttressed Walls: We can say that they are the improvement of the cantilever walls. But in this case the vertical slab is joined to the base through concrete slabs called buttresses. In this way the wall stops with total security the force exerted by the earth.

Advantages of retaining walls

  • It resists great horizontal pressures and great heights of earth.
  • It occupies less space, especially in urban areas.
  • Economical. This in comparison with other systems
  • Speed in the construction process

Dime Contracting has the proven ability in all the works it performs. Of course retaining walls are no exception. We know what type of wall your space needs after a previous analysis. 

But first we talk with our clients and listen to their design requirements. So with us you are sure to get the results you expect with the best quality. The flow of information between our clients and us covers:

Wall size. This is because not all have the same use. So the durability may vary from one to another.

Place of creation. Certainly the construction of a retaining wall in the wrong place would be fatal. Therefore our specialists inspect the site and will tell you the right spot where the wall will work well. Also areas where it does not fit.

Creation materials. We have experts who will help you with the type of material according to your needs and landscape design.

Design. We not only create functional walls. We also create attractive walls. So you will have the space you wanted in a short time and at the best price.

Reputation is something you earn

Any reliable company for the realization of any project at least offers its customers:

  •  Attention to detail
  •  Immediate response
  •  Proven experience
  •  Adaptability in the projects
  •  Licenses
  •  Permits
  •  Insurance...

Our company has been in the hearts of Oklahomans for over 10 years providing quality services in everything from:

And other services because we work constantly putting heart and care in each of our works, of course complying with the quality requirements that guarantee us as a safe and reliable company.

We have licenses, insurance and permits, all in order for you to be assured of receiving a superior level of work. We also have guaranteed expert personnel in each area of service we offer. Each and every one of our employees undergoes rigorous capacity tests before giving the definitive yes to the work in question.

In addition, they will always be attentive to the smallest detail. Everything to deliver full satisfaction to our customers. We have innovative tools that facilitate the delivery of excellent work in short response times. Also the best brands in the industry accompany us and give the final touch to exceed expectations.

We keep in total balance our balance between price and quality without putting additional costs. Contact us, expand this information and receive the best estimate in the industry for free.

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If you want to count on Retaining Walls in Oklahoma. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are your best option!

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