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Limestone Constructions in Oklahoma
Limestone Constructions in Oklahoma

When making the decision to build, remodel or renovate spaces, the common goal is to obtain dream results. This includes personal style, exclusivity and if necessary, to last forever. Incredible as it may seem, if you can achieve it, of course; with the right materials and execution. We are referring to limestone constructions.

There are numerous options in natural stone that achieve excellent results. But limestone, among other things, stands out for its durability, waterproof, anti-slip properties and the advantage of requiring little maintenance.

Since ancient times, man has used stone for construction. Although there are materials such as cement and steel for this purpose, stone is more than ever on the market, producing impressive works that captivate the human eye. 

Around the world there are great structures made of limestone, icons of each region and country. One that certainly does not go unnoticed are the pyramids of Egypt. The main body of these, according to history, was built with this rock.

But without going that far away, the Oklahoma State Capitol has limestone cladding. It is a beautiful architecture that just by looking at it transports the viewer to Renaissance times.
Read on to learn more about this precious material.

Why limestone constructions?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed chemically and biologically. When we talk about chemistry we refer to the fact that calcium carbonate (since they are composed in great percentage with this substance) dissolves in waters containing co2. On the other hand, the biological field applies to the skeletons or shells of dead marine animals that accumulate over the years.

There are some limestones that are denser than others whose use would apply for one or the other purpose. For example the dense ones are ideal for constructions that fit in walls. Now the less dense ones fit perfectly in floors for example.

One aspect to take into account to recognize limestone is to apply hydrochloric acid on it. Then it will have an effervescent effect. Regarding the color we mention that they vary according to several aspects among them by the composition.

That is to say, there are stones of light colors like gray and white, this last one is when the formation is chemical. But there are also those with dark colors especially gray due to microscopic calcareous present in them. There are also black, brown and even golden colors. This results in works with fascinating designs.

Advantages of limestone constructions

Natural stone of any type generally has benefits that other materials do not. For example, its durability allows it to be reused in the future. But let's take a look at other benefits that you may not know about:

Low maintenance. Unlike other materials, limestone does not need a lot of checking as it is very resistant. This way, you will be free of worry and expense for any failure that you think may occur.

Inalterable. That is to say, many years can pass but the look of the stone will be the same. So the space you apply the stone to will look like new forever.

More than one color. Thanks to this feature limestone multiplies the number of projects with it. This is because it has different colors and textures that the client can choose. 

Customer can choose. This way you will find the rock in floors, walls, facades, sections in bathrooms, kitchens...

Originality. With limestone you will have the space you dream of because all stones are different. So choose the design and the color that you like and make the difference from other rooms.

Limestone builders in oklahoma

In the construction industry there are products or materials of excellent quality. However, if these products are used by the wrong hands, there will be a great probability of failure in the executed work.

For this reason it is vital that at the moment of selecting a contractor or company for this work you have knowledge of the same as far as reputation applies. Of course the ideal is to select a conglomerate of 5 and from there compare important points such as:

  • Track record
  • Project Portfolio
  • Testimonials from real clients
  • Attention to detail
  • Response time
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Scope in execution.

In Oklahoma you can find several that meet these requirements and, of course, deliver the results you expect. One of them is Dime Contracting, a company that offers a variety of services offers a variety of services in terms of residential and commercial structures. applies to:

In short, whatever you want as far as the matter is concerned in both residential and commercial rooms. 

With us you will find a friendly company with long experience in works that not only meet the expectations of customers but exceed them. We have everything in order complying with the requirements demanded by law to deliver superior results.

So with us you can rest assured that you will have a correct execution as required and in optimal delivery times. In addition, we have fully trained personnel to carry out each work of all the categories we offer.

That is to say, in addition to constantly train our employees, they must pass our quality tests to send them directly to the execution. This way we reinforce the security to give the best of the work.

Regarding our tools, you will count with innovative high-tech equipment that undoubtedly optimize the works in all aspects. We also have agreements with the best commercial brands in the country.

Another advantage that you will have with us is the ability to adapt to the needs of the client with the right price. That is to say, we execute small, medium and large works with the same attention and quality, but with the right budget. Our philosophy uses the balance price - quality. 

Works with Limestone:

  • Walls
  • Facades
  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Gardens
  • Pools
  • Dining rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Sculptural works of art...

So if you own a medical office or health care facility and are looking for a unique look, you are with the expert hands that does it for you. Fascinating flooring or wainscoting that makes an impact.

Do you want a space in your restroom that just by looking at it, gives the visitor serenity and pleasure? Look no further, here we cover that need. Contact us and we will give you a free estimate with the best offers.

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Dime Contranting offers the best limestone construction services in Oklahoma. Contact us for quality services. 

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