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Gate Services in Oklahoma

Gate Services in Oklahoma

Do you have a curious neighbor who is used to observe your property on more than one occasion? Have you suffered from robberies or burglaries in your home or business premises due to lack of security? When you enter or leave your vehicle you have to get out to open or close the gate? If the answer is yes, you need to gate services.

There are several types of gates for commercial or residential spaces. But that will depend on the use and the area where it will be installed. The most common ones that the industry offers are:

  • Sliding
  • Revolving
  • Electric
  • Cantilever
  • Manual...

There are several styles that the owner can select according to his needs, such as single leaf, double leaf, inward, outward or side opening. However, the common factor among all of them is the security they provide.

Materials for the creation of gates

It is well known that gates, besides giving a personal, modern or classic style, provide protection to residential or commercial structures. In fact, it is a way to be safe from the danger of robbery. Also security for children or pets residing in the place. 

In other words, the design of the gates is versatile. In fact it fits perfectly with the taste and needs of the client. Therefore we can't number exactly the amount of materials to manufacture them. However, there are very popular raw materials that fit perfectly in the spaces:

Steel: We could say that it is the most used material. In fact, carbon steel is the most common for the manufacture of gates, since there are other types of steel. With this material you can achieve different designs for your room. For example, in a minimalist style, a gate with black steel bars is perfect.

You also have the option of having a gate that shows more, partially inside and outside. Although there are also those that impede the view of the spectator. Without a doubt this material provides maximum security with endless designs that catch more than one.

Wood: Not only in floors, internal doors of the room provide warmth and elegance. Wooden doors also do the same. In addition to security, they combine perfectly with the facade of the place. 

The wood together with rustic stone walls give a touch of grace to have a dream entrance. Now if additional materials that customize the design of the gate apply we have:

  • Rails
  • Electrical systems
  • Aluminum
  • Glass...


If you have read this far you can see the benefits of having a gate in your residential or commercial space. You know that security is the most important use we give it. However, there are more advantages that will clear any doubts you may have:

Practicality: since you don't have to get out of the car to open or close it when you arrive or leave.

Modernity: By providing a personal style thanks to the versatility and multiple designs that arise according to your requirements.

Privacy: You will avoid curious looks from others if you want to.

Durability: If installed by a responsible company, your gate will function properly, preserving its appearance and with little or no maintenance over the years.

Revaluation: Without a doubt, the value of your property increases exponentially.

Gate Experts in Oklahoma

There are numerous companies in the city that perform this work. But you must be careful when choosing one, since all of them do not meet the necessary requirements to carry out a quality job that meets the customer's needs.

Therefore you must take into account that the company has:

  • Attention to detail
  • Portfolio of projects
  • Reputation
  • Track record
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Construction Compliance
  • Testimonials from real clients...

These parameters are enough to feel at ease and request services with total confidence. Otherwise you will suffer more than a headache. 

But fortunately you are in the right place because Dime Contracting delivers on all of the above just to meet customer expectations, but to exceed them.

We have a history of works for more than a decade starting with residential and commercial painting services that gradually grew over time. This is due to a responsible work, totally committed to the client. As a consequence the demand was progressing and thus allowed us to expand our services to:

Of course the installation of the best gates is part of our menu of options.

Our company has 100% expert personnel in each area of service we provide. In fact, before sending them to the project area, they must pass rigorous capacity tests. In addition to this, they have the required permits, licenses and insurance required to provide peace of mind to the client through a superior level of work.

We have innovative work tools along with the best brands in the industry so that delivery times are faster than any company in Oklahoma. Of course without losing quality in the work.

On the other hand, we offer a totally personalized work that fits the client's pocket. In fact we always have in mind to provide the best balance in our price-quality balance.

We offer services in installation and repair of:

  • Security Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Overhangs
  • Manuals
  • Fences...

Other services

Service Areas

  • Bethany;
  • Edmond;
  • Moore;
  • Norman;
  • Stillwater;
  • Lawton;
  • Enid.

Just contact us, expand the information and receive a free estimate.

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