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Fire Alarms in Oklahoma

Fire Alarms in Oklahoma

You may want to purchase a fire alarms to prevent a tragedy and not regret it later. This is a great idea, since this device is capable of alerting you of a drastic rise in temperature, a gas leak or a high level of smoke in any space.

It is advisable to have this type of system, since fires can originate at any time and, although there are certain mandatory safety measures in case of fire, such as the installation of fire extinguishers or emergency exits, being able to prevent them is vital and that is our goal.

Dime Contracting, offers you the most complete and economical fire alarms, with their respective security kit, equipped with different devices to be installed by our experts and professionals in the place you need.

What type of fire alarms to choose?

The first thing to consider when choosing an alarm is the type of property you want to protect, although the goal is always the same, extinguish a fire or prevent it, fire alarms have differences between them, because there are for homes, as well as for businesses or companies. 

We inform you what are the main types of fire alarms and which is the most suitable for your home or business.

  • Fire alarm
  • Alarm connected to a CRA.
  • Manual push-button alarm

Other types of fire detectors:

These automatic fire alarms have a sensor capable of alerting of an event that can trigger a fire. We present the three types of fire detectors, which we are sure you will be interested in.

  • Smoke detector
  • Temperature rise detector
  • Gas leak detector

These detectors are capable of detecting any type of fire start or spread alert in its early stages. Like the siren, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, integrated in the emergency kit in alarm systems will offer you greater security in your home or business.

Advantages of having a fire alarm

Although many consider that fire systems should be intended only for offices or businesses, this should be among the priority systems that you are going to hire, as it is an excellent investment because it contributes to the protection of people and property. Dime Contracting, offers you at a very good price the best alarms. Here are its advantages.

  • They alert promptly
  • They do constant monitoring 
  • They provide security and peace of mind
  • They offer location possibilities
  • Allows detection of odors and greater damage control.
  • Affordable price

Services areas

  • Bethany;
  • Edmond;
  • Moore;
  • Norman;
  • Stillwater;
  • Lawton;
  • Enid.

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Contact us for a good fire alarm that will protect you at all times! 

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