Cement Floors in Oklahoma | Smoothed - Polished - Rustic - Stamped

Cement Floors in Oklahoma

Cement Floors in Oklahoma

Surely you need to give a change to your floors and transform them with new decorations to give them a colorful and personal touch. This time we will talk about cement floors, very elegant and sophisticated, with new decorative designs to create your spaces full of modernity as you wish.

Cement floors for a long time were used for not so valued places such as basements, garages, patios and utility areas. However, nowadays styles such as minimalism are preferred in homes, modern apartments and commercial establishments.

In Dime Contracting, we offer you a great variety of concrete floors with the best designs and styles which you can make part of the decoration of the space where you live, thanks to its versatility; also, you receive the best attention and advice in this regard, from our expert and qualified staff.

Cement floor specifications

Although it is somewhat obvious, a cement floor is indeed made of cement. However, it is important to clarify a couple of notions about this. Basically, cement is mixed with stone, water and coarse sand to form what we call concrete in order to design the floor of your choice.

You should know that the thickness of a cement floor depends on the ground on which it is placed, the type of floor you want and the uses for which it will be intended, but normally ranges between five and ten centimeters, depending on its volumetric weight, consistency or resistance.

Variety of cement floors and their advantages

There are several types of cement floor that we present to remodel the interior of your space with a modern and personal style, which give more beauty and elegance to your building, among them we have:

Smooth, with a variety of designs and shapes, versatility of uses, easy to clean, and adaptable to all spaces.

Stamped, offers a wide range of designs, textures and colors, and resists sudden changes in temperature, making it perfect for exteriors.

Polished, it has a wide variety of finishes and adapts to different sizes. 

Oxidized, it can be used in any type of space, both external and internal.

In addition to these descriptions, these floors have very similar advantages, they are economical, resistant, with durability for many decades in the long term, this detail can save you a considerable amount of money and effort since you will not have to replace it.

With respect to all these characteristics, our company offers the highest level of quality by providing you with the necessary advice and information from our professionals, so that you can get to know different styles of decoration and end up choosing the one that best suits your tastes, demands and needs.

In general we work with any element that requires concrete, for example cement bases for all kinds of residential structures, commercial landscaping, sports facilities...

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