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Block constructions in Oklahoma

The construction industry offers more than one option for carrying out construction work, from simple to complex. However, there is one that in general terms allows engineers, masons, investors or future tenants a significant saving in the total cost of execution. We are referring to block constructions. 

We are fully aware that brick blocks are also an excellent option but in the end there are 30% more expenses and the delay is longer. This makes the process a bit more complicated.

So in less time than you expect you will have a home, commercial building, landscaping project, recreational or any public work with a higher quality and lasting over time. Best of all for less budget.

Why block constructions?

The main materials used in the creation of the block are sand, cement and stone. They then go into molds for the manufacturing process with exact measurements. This allows for greater ease at the time of construction because, among other things, the person in charge knows precisely the material required.

The standard measures that usually have the blocks are:


The blocks vary in models and resistances due to the norms established in each country of manufacture. country of manufacture.

Thanks to the design of the blocks, there is no need to break the wall to make electrical or hydraulic connections. hydraulic connections does not exist. This means that builders can easily do it vertically inside the walls.

Advantages of block constructions

Although at the beginning of this article we mentioned some determining characteristics to select this type of material, we will make an effort to expand a little more information about the benefits of the block.

One of the great advantages is the economic point. To begin with, less mixture is needed to glue a block, in statistical data by 50%. This is a great benefit because the amount of materials to be used is less. In addition to this, the construction of the building is more optimal.

They are resistant and durable over time. In fact, in case of emergencies, the structure remains in good condition, for example in case of fire.

They provide 25% energy savings. In other words, they are designed to prevent temperature changes due to outside air. In fact, they are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators.

The material and structural shape of the block make it a safe plaster. Thus there is no need to apply additional coatings.

Best builders with block in Oklahoma

There are countless companies dedicated to construction. Some are dedicated to complex works, others only to simple works. There are also mixed ones. But unfortunately there are some that do not meet the necessary requirements to provide a job with good results.

For this reason it is necessary that the client is at least 90% sure of the good reputation of the company to be hired to carry out the job. of the company to be hired to carry out the work or project required. For this, the ideal ideal is to look for information of a considerable group, taking into account:

  • History of Works
  • Experience
  • Licenses
  • Insurance 
  • Permits
  • Testimonials from certified clients...

Once you have done this and found one that meets the requirements you can proceed to hire the company. It is necessary to do so, but to make your search a little easier here are the companies that meet all the requirements described who strive daily to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them.

This is the case of Dime Contracting, which for more than a decade has crystallized the dreams of Oklahomans in terms of renovations and construction. Initially we dedicated our work to professional residential painting in the city. 

But over the years, our discipline, attention to detail and expected results, the demand grew. Thus our market was growing reaching more families with higher level projects.

Our services include:

Of course construction is available on our menu. We have experts in the service, they will take care of every detail from the beginning to the end of the project from start to finish regardless of the size of the job. That is to say we cover large or small works with the same care.

In a short time at totally affordable prices you will have in your residence beautiful concrete paths, landscaping pavements or even a special space to share with your family with delicious barbecues. delicious barbecues.

But we also dedicate ourselves completely to the construction of works of greater complexity. such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Commercial centers
  • Medical centers
  • Schools
  • Tunnels
  • Squares
  • Pavements
  • Roads
  • Highways...
Complying with all the rules and permits required to carry out heavy construction works. In addition we have a great qualified, certified and endorsed team that will be there during the during the execution process from start to finish.

You will have at your disposal:
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Builders
  • Consultants...

We have experts who will be able to help you among other things with site selection, moving and other activities needed by the client. Regarding the budget, we go to the site and give free estimates at no extra cost.

We also have the latest technology machinery that allows us to do an optimal job in less time. On the other hand, we are allied with the best commercial brands. So the results will be better than you expect.

From our beginnings to date, our philosophy is to provide a balanced balance between price - quality. We are flexible and we listen to the requirements of our clients, adapting our excellent works to the pocket of each one, maintaining the same quality.

Contact us for more information and to resolve any questions you may have.
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Service Areas

  • Bethany;
  • Edmond;
  • Moore;
  • Norman;
  • Stillwater;
  • Lawton;
  • Enid.

The construction projects with blocks are so important for a better durability and finish, that's why you must have quality service. Tell me Contranting is your best option, contact us

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